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How to overcome making a bad first impression by Roz Usheroff

April 14, 2014


Originally posted on The Remarkable Leader:
I can remember a couple of years ago reading a Forbes article on 5 Ways To Make A Killer First Impression, which had more than 541,000 views. Needless to say, the subject matter is one that is universally recognized as being important.  In other words, and looking beyond the…

Advice for Presenters and Attendees of Procurement Webinars by Kelly Barner

April 9, 2014


In a recent post on her Remarkable Leader blog, Roz Usheroff wrote about the importance of being likeable and effective as a virtual speaker. In addition to being a popular and cost effective means of reaching an audience, webinars are convenient ways of capturing content that can be made available on an ongoing basis to […]

Does being more likable than men help or hurt a woman’s career? by Roz Usheroff

April 1, 2014


Originally posted on The Remarkable Leader:
Following up on my last post in which I touched upon the subject of likability, I was reminded of a Harvard Business Review article titled “New Research Shows Success Doesn’t Make Women Less Likable“. Counter to what many might believe, the study to which the article refers found that…

What makes YOU amazing? by Roz Usheroff

March 13, 2014


Originally posted on The Remarkable Leader:
The above quote came across my Facebook page and I must admit that it got me to thinking . . . what makes me, or for that matter you, amazing? It seems like a ridiculously easy question for which there is going to be an equally easy answer.  At…

Bridging the gap between PPP promise and successful outcomes by Andy Akrouche

February 28, 2014


Originally posted on Relational Contracting Intelligence Blog:
“Recent failures, bailouts, and excessive costs show that the risk analyses and value-for-money accounting used to justify P3s are clearly flawed and cover up the true costs and risks for the public.” Such as the one from which the above excerpt has been taken, there are no shortages…

Variables in the Adoption of Auctions in Procurement by Kelly Barner & Alun Rafique

February 24, 2014


Editor’s Note: When Kelly Barner and Alun Rafique submitted this post on the variables in the adoption of auctions, they hit close to home in terms of an area of procurement about which I have a great deal of experience and expertise. For several years my research into the utilization of advanced algorithms within the […]

What we can learn from Walmart regarding eCommerce network fees by Ronald Duncan

February 20, 2014


Originally posted on In The Cloud:
In reading Duncan Jones’ recent Procurement Leaders article Are eCommerce Network Fees For Suppliers A Barrier Too Far?, his reference to pricing model penalization reminded me of a 2007 article I read by Jon Hansen titled Public Sector Procurement and the Walmart Effect. Even though the Jones article had…

Understanding the Changes in Defence Spending by Andy Akrouche

February 14, 2014


Originally posted on Relational Contracting Intelligence Blog:
When news broke earlier this month that there were major changes being implemented regarding Defence spending in Canada, no one was really surprised.  Change as they say was inevitable. The question is what does it really mean? Over the next week I will be posting several articles that…

10 Influencers in Logistics and Supply Chain

January 29, 2014


Originally posted on Thanh and Social Media:
10 social media influencers in Supply Chain industry that newbies like me should know (Inspired by FoodLogistics in NY @FoodLogistics (about 4,891 followers) provides articles in food supply chain industry. Inbound Logistics in NY @ILMagazine (about 18.9k followers) focuses on demand and supply in logistics industry and…

The Relational Divide: Why CGI experience reflects more about the contracting process than the company itself by Andy Akrouche

January 24, 2014


Originally posted on Relational Contracting Intelligence Blog:
I read with interest the January 14th Wall Street Journal article “Accenture to Take Over Fixing Website” by Stephanie Armour, in which it was announced that CGI’s contract with the Federal U.S. Government would not be renewed. Even though the loss of the contract was small in…


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