cloudBuy’s Nilesh Gopali writes about eCommerce innovation and the Indian economy

July 4, 2014


Nilesh July 2014 article

Editor’s Note: Nilesh Gopali was recently appointed to the position of Country Head, India for cloudBuy, based out of Mumbai.  Below is the link to the first in a series of articles he has written for Brokers Forum magazine regarding how eCommerce innovation is both influencing and redefining the Indian economy.  See July issue, page […]

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The reemergence of a recognized brand by Jon Hansen

July 3, 2014



It has been a while since we last heard from Rosslyn Analytics, a company whose intelligence sharing platform empowered buyers in a way that  forever changed the industry’s view of data mining and its practical utilization in the purchasing decision-making process.  In short, Rosslyn was efficiently managing big data before we called it big data. […]

How is IBM’s AutoDX truly different from Covisint? by Jon Hansen

July 3, 2014



Back in March an article in Information Week talked about IBM’s cloud-based exchange reducing transaction costs by 80% for the Indian automotive industry.   After pondering for a very brief moment “where I have I heard this before,” the first thought that came to mind is those who fail to learn from history are doomed […]

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Liquidated Damages and Freakonomics by Tom Moore

July 2, 2014


Featured Image -- 15138

Originally posted on Procurement Insights EU Edition:
Many of the more old-school contract managers I’ve worked with over the years have always loved liquidated damages (LDs). For many people, there is something satisfying about punishing those suppliers who fail to deliver the requirements of the contract, and LDs are a seemingly perfect vehicle for this.…

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Why a new CEO from outside of the company means greater job security for a CPO by Jon Hansen

June 27, 2014



My father used to say be careful for what you wish as it may actually come true. It was one of those sayings that took on greater meaning with both age and experience. Well for many years now, procurement professionals have clearly wanted a seat at the executive table.  While we are still a long […]

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No longer a man’s world . . . the rise of the female B2B economy by Jon Hansen

June 26, 2014


Hand Cradle Image

“This is a mans world, This is a mans world, But it would be nothing,nothing Without a women or a girl” According to a recent AT Kearney study titled The Rise of the Female Economy in B2B, the role of women as the chief decision maker in the home has now extended to the virtual […]

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IBMs acquisition of Emptoris: So there was a plan after all by Jon Hansen

June 25, 2014


JWH Live 2 (2013)

In my post yesterday regarding Oracle’s acquisition of Micros Systems I wrote the following: The only concern I have is whether or not Oracle will screw things up by seeking to assimilate Micros into its culture, as opposed to capitalizing on its core or indigenous strengths.  In its purchase of Emptoris, IBM recognized that company’s […]


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