SciQuest’s Wiehe and Deem’s Grady: A Tale of Two Leaders And What It Means To Their Customers by Jon Hansen

December 5, 2014



It is after all the Holiday Season.  As a result, and in talking about this past week’s series of posts on SciQuest and Deem, I felt that even the most loosely based reference to Charles Dickens was reasonable . On the one hand you have SciQuest’s Stephen Wiehe who, despite a series of well-researched articles being openly […]

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Deemed inappropriate? One reader weighs in on my coverage of Patrick Grady’s exciting “new” company

December 4, 2014


Deem Scrutinizing1

A comment was submitted by a reader using a pseudonym – which does raise a red flag – being highly critical of Patrick Grady.  Grady as you will recall, is the visionary behind the emerging Deem which was formerly known as Rearden Commerce, and was the subject of a recent post here on Procurement Insights. I will […]

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Are investment bankers and Wall Street bad for business? by Jon Hansen

November 29, 2014



In what many consider to be a controversial article titled The Myth of Ariba, a former executive for the company said the following; “Ariba was a real company with a real product that got swept up in its own hype, with unfortunate consequences,” and that “Ariba was basically a fraud . . . creating [the […]

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With SciQuest selection, Deloitte’s demonstrates once again why professional services firms should stick to number crunching by Jon Hansen

November 28, 2014


faded star

With posts such as It’s the end of the world as we know it . . . at least for traditional analyst firms and bloggers, and my questioning the wisdom of a blogger’s decision to feature Deloitte’s Brian Umbenhauer as a co-author of a post on SaaS Vendor Selection/Implementation Tips, you are not likely going to be […]

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Call from investment banking firm regarding SciQuest post telling by Jon Hansen

November 27, 2014



Similar to when I received a call from investment banking firm Craig-Hallum regarding my post that the Ontario Education Collaborative Marketplace or “OECM” had decided to drop Ariba and eat $20 million in the process, the conversation I had with a representative from an investment banking firm shortly after I had posted my article on SciQuest, was equally […]

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SciQuest “Sales” Execution Troubles? by Jon Hansen

November 26, 2014


Firing Squad

I appreciate your analysis from an external point of view and its very valid but reads like talking points from the CEO and Marketing. Now let me give you an insiders view of the truth. It’s NOT a sales execution issue, that’s the CEO’s version of creating a fall guy to mask the product development […]

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Webinar | The procurement team of the future

November 25, 2014


Proxima Webinar People Image

Prior to leaving for the Virginia 2014 Forum in which I was the moderator for a panel discussion on Leveraging The Power of Procurement, I had the opportunity to serve as the moderator for Proxima’s The Procurement Team of The Future webinar. To sign up to watch the on-demand webinar, which discusses the changing role […]

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