Live Event Feed/Speaking Services with Jon Hansen

Click here to see past presentations . . .

Click here for past presentations . . .

Out of 15,000 hosts, Blog Talk Radio names Jon Hansen as one of their top 300 hosts

Jon Hansen Top 300 Hosts
Broadcasting LIVE from . . .

The PI Social Media was recently recognized as one of the 120 most influential social media companies in the world by Lon Safko’s Social Media Bible.

We achieved this honor through a well-balanced utilization of various social mediums including blogs, Internet radio and television and social networking.  (Note: use this link to access an overview of the PI Social Media Network venues.)

A key service feature of our network is our LIVE Event feeds which place your company front and center at every conference through our main attraction Broadcast Booth, Dedicated Event Page, Branded Blog Posts, Audio Synchronized PowerPoints and Special Panel Discussions and Video Dispatches.

In addition to the above, your brand is also recognized on all resulting White Papers that are published by the PI Social Media Network relating to the specific conference.

eWorld Remote Feed 2011

Delivering a Keynote via a remote Internet Feed to 400 professionals.

Keynotes by Jon Hansen:

Addressing audiences from 20 to 400, Jon Hansen effectively engages and entertains his audiences providing a unique and informed perspective on the critical developments both within and external to the industry.

Besides serving as the host and moderator for the roundtable discussions that are broadcast live from the conference venue as well as before a live local audience such as with the (eWorld) Live Roundtable: “Revisiting Outsourcing: Is it a Viable Strategy?”, Jon has delivered highly acclaimed keynotes on related topics including:

Use the following link to access Jon’s LinkedIn Profile.

For additional details including rates send us an e-mail at


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