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How To Avoid The Tombstone Effect In Business Relationships by Andy Akrouche

September 2, 2015


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Originally posted on Relational Contracting Intelligence Blog:
Welcome To Tombstone  Whenever there is instability and divisiveness in the buyer-side internal relationship framework, this dysfunction is ultimately extended to include external stakeholders such as vendors. Think of it as the wild west town of Tombstone and the famous battle at the OK Corral. What would it…

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We interrupt this SciQuest Series . . . by Jon Hansen

August 26, 2015



Analysts, however, didn’t share his unwavering confidence, with Stifel, Nicolaus & Co, Inc’s Tom Roderick asking what assurances Wiehe could offer that implementation issues didn’t contribute to the contract dispute. “How much comfort do you have that we won’t see this sort of situation replicated with other large bodies?” he asked. Wiehe repeatedly insisted Colorado […]

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The SciQuest SLAPP: The Howard Post Continued by Jon Hansen

August 25, 2015


SciQuest Howard

Before I delve into the remaining points of SciQuest’s contention with my August 3rd post Assessing former CFO Rudy Howard’s departure: Is SciQuest’s Wiehe looking for true leaders or puppets?, I want to let you know that we are still in the process of trying to upload the entire 26 page document. As promised, and as […]

A SciQuest SLAPP . . . A Matter Of An Intended Action? by Jon Hansen

August 22, 2015


SciQuest SLAPP

When I received the letter from SciQuest last Friday threatening legal action for the allegedly libelous commentary of this blog regarding their company, I immediately shared it with you in my post SciQuest Fights Back: A Case of David and Goliath? In that post, I indicated that I stand by my research and what I have written. […]

#TBT How not to abandon your e-procurement initiative by Jon Hansen

August 20, 2015


Summit Oct. 2006

Before launching the Procurement Insights blog in May of 2007, I used to do quite a bit of writing for what would now be referred to as “traditional” mediums. The following is an article I wrote that was first published in the October 2006 issue of Summit Magazine – a publication that focuses on the […]

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It is time for procurement to come of age by Jon Hansen

August 20, 2015


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“When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.” On August 31st this year, we will no longer be accepting new service provider sponsors for the Procurement Insights and Procurement Insights European Union […]

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Are you willing to pay? The challenge facing non-profit Associations

August 19, 2015


Tim Cummins

Originally posted on Commitment Matters:
Last week, Jon Hansen wrote a blog in which he observed that people are increasingly unwilling to pay for content. I responded to him regarding the challenges this represents for organizations that seek to remain objective in the advice they offer – and how it means they must increasingly consider…

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