CBC Next Gen Dragon Nicole Verkindt talks about OMX and its impact on government contracting
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Bloggers Defence Fund by Jon Hansen

October 15, 2015



Like journalists for traditional mediums such as newspapers, bloggers are also vulnerable in terms of becoming a target of lawsuits as a means of inhibiting their ability to cover important stories. Recently, I became the target of a $3.5 million lawsuit from a large U.S.-based company. Even though my research is sound – with corresponding reference links […]

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Periscope Letter Protesting Arizona RFP Eye Opening

July 26, 2016


Periscope Final Bid Protest

At the end of this post, you will find a copy of a letter dated July 20th, 2016 from Periscope Holdings Inc. CEO Brian Utley, under the heading Protest of Solicitation No. ADSPO17-00006413; Electronic Procurement Solution. Periscope is challenging the State of Arizona’s decision to issue an RFP for an “Electronic Procurement Solution.” Here is the link to the State’s […]

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Separating Requirements From Preferences In Procurement Job Descriptions

July 26, 2016


Charles Post choosing-the-perfect-candidate

Special thanks to Charles Dominick, SPSM3 of the Next Level Purchasing Association for this guest post. Improving procurement capability can be accomplished in a variety of ways.  I prefer to focus on the people side of procurement capability. Believe it or not, there is a single document at the foundation of the people side of procurement capability […]

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Procurement Insights Moves Into Mainstream Media

July 25, 2016


Mainstream Media

With our final sponsorship commitments ending at the end of this month, Procurement Insights will be a 100 percent sponsor free blog. While I have always striven to provide thorough and objective coverage, for me accepting blog sponsorship dollars didn’t seem to mesh with true journalism. Or as I would write in my post it is […]

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Court ruling in SciQuest action means that necessary questions regarding company can still be asked

July 19, 2016


Court Ruling Gavel

In my May 31st post Why Is SciQuest Afraid To Go To Court, I shared with you the news that the company had filed a motion to have my defence stricken because I was unable to pay $22,000 in legal fees. The legal fees came about as a result of my failed motion for a change […]

Why Former SEC Attorney Willie Briscoe And The Other Law Firms Shouldn’t Challenge the SciQuest Deal

June 22, 2016



“Former United States Securities and Exchange Commission attorney Willie Briscoe and the securities litigation firm of Powers Taylor LLP are investigating potential claims against the Board of Directors of SciQuest, Inc. (“SciQuest”) (NASDAQ: SQI) concerning the sale to Accel-KKR. Under the terms of the agreement, SciQuest shareholders will only receive $17.75 in cash for each […]

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Theranos Update: “Celebrity” Boards And Their Negative Impact On American Business

June 16, 2016



When I read the following excerpt of Michael Fertik’s post Elizabeth Holmes and the Burden of (Social) Proof, the name Conrad Black immediately came to mind: “Holmes did what many entrepreneurs do, often with positive effect: brought together smart, known people to build the board and leadership team. She surrounded herself with an original board configuration […]

I Have Waited Nearly 10 Years For This To Happen . . . The Santa Clara Story

June 15, 2016


Santa Clara2

The County of Santa Clara has successfully implemented their eProcurement initiative by transcending the functional silos that have traditionally limited procurement’s effectiveness and influence in the past. In short, and for the first time since I began covering Virginia’s eVA initiative back in 2007, I can say with great confidence that there is now another […]


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