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Whose That Girl?: Am I Part Of A Peer-less Generation? by Julie Lyons-Wolfe

February 27, 2015



Editor’s Note: Given the recent debate regarding generational divides and social network image indiscretions, this post by Julie Lyons-Wolfe (a 29 year old CEO) raises the question; “to whom can Generation Next go to for advice?” I was recently contacted by a business consultant who, in his mid to late fifties, was referred to me […]

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Conduct and Consequences: Social Media Policy In The Procurement World by Jon Hansen

February 25, 2015



My post from last week titled Are these profile images representative of the brand Coupa wants to project, continues to attract considerable attention. In fact if anything, it is experiencing a upsurge in terms of reads from not only within the procurement world, but even beyond. As is the case with any topic, especially one that […]

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Getting the facts from SciQuest is Like Waiting for Guffman by Jon Hansen

February 24, 2015



SciQuest shares rise after Q4 earnings beat estimates “The company added 17 new customers during the quarter.” As you already know, and since I started covering them in 2005, I have experienced a growing skepticism regarding any information that comes out of SciQuest.  Here is the link to my most recent SciQuest posts. All this being […]

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Are these profile images representative of the brand Coupa wants to project? by Jon Hansen

February 19, 2015


Profile Pics Gone Wrong

A couple of weeks ago, I received the following message through my LinkedIn account from a young Coupa sales representative: I currently work at Coupa as an Account Rep. I came across an article you wrote regarding the 3 BIGGEST CHALLENGES FACED BY SUPPLY CHAIN/PURCHASING PROFESSIONALS. My job is to reach out to prospect to discuss […]

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A Generation Next Perspective: An Uncommon Secret In Supplier Communication by Heather Grossmuller

February 19, 2015



Editor’s Note: Throughout the year, I will be welcoming submissions from Generation Next procurement professionals regarding a wide range of topics relating to our industry.   I think that this is important in that it not only provides the up and coming movers and shakers with an opportunity to express their opinions on the hot […]

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Is innovation the sole domain of the young or why Kurt Warner and Tom Brady could have been in procurement? by Jon Hansen

February 18, 2015


Kurt Warner

Over the past few weeks I have been writing about the procurement world from the standpoint of what I referred to as being Generation Next. I wrote about how procurement was a “brand new game, with new rules requiring new skill sets that the older generation does not possess.” Now to once again be as […]

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The M&A Dilemma: To buy or not to buy that is the question by Jon Hansen

February 13, 2015


why merge

 In December I wrote a post titled IBM’s plans to corner or corral the cloud – it’s all a matter of governance based on my interview with IBM’s Pete Wharton. Wharton talked about the company’s “plan is to create an ecosystem of technology partners to extend IBM’s service capabilities to its customers.”   So here is the question; […]

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