Procurement Departments Negotiating “Too Aggressively”
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In A Quest For Context, NIGP and ISM Comparison Raise Very Interesting Questions by Jon Hansen

May 4, 2015



There is a saying that the numbers don’t lie, so lets go right to the numbers and then analyze what they really mean. In the year ending 2012, here are the numbers for both the NIGP and ISM* per their respective 990 submissions. By the way I referenced these returns, as they were the most recent in […]

Request For Clarification Of NIGP Chief Exec’s Expenses, Solicits A Slower Response Than Expected by Jon Hansen

May 2, 2015


NIGP Procurement

“In recent years, actual and perceived abuses in the area of executive expenses and “perks” have been among the leading causes of stricter federal tax laws governing nonprofit organizations and greater scrutiny by the Internal Revenue Service of the practices of nonprofit organizations in the United States. Many organizations struggle with this area of compliance.” […]

“When It Comes To The NIGP, Just Follow The Money Mr. Hansen . . . Follow The Money” by Jon Hansen

April 30, 2015


Rick Grimm

This morning by way of e-mail, I received from the NIGP’s Executive Director – Finance & Administration Tina Borger, electronic copies of the not-for-profit’s 990 documents for their fiscal years FY13, FY12, and FY11. I have to admit that I did not open them right away. My reason for the delay was quite simple.  I knew that once […]

A Study In Absolute Power At The NIGP? by Jon Hansen

April 30, 2015



“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.” – John Emerich Edward Dalberg-Acton One of the greatest challenges with covering the #CodeGate story, is navigating through the seeming complexity of a tangled web of cross purposes and conflicting interests, in an effort to get at a simple truth . […]

Perfect Commerce Weighs In On The Deep Throat Connection Post by Jon Hansen

April 29, 2015


perfect commerce

Thank you, Jason. I will share this with our readers. Please keep in mind that I was not the one to reveal Mr. Blaine’s identity, but said revelation came as a result of his being named by Rick Grimm as one of the respondents to the very RFI he had provided comment on in the […]

Reflections Of A Newly Departed CPO by Alastair Merrill

April 29, 2015


Featured Image -- 17540

Originally posted on Procurement Insights EU Edition:
How do you sum up five years and seven months?  It was July 2009 that I took up the post of the Scottish Government’s Procurement and Commercial Director.  And in February 2015, after fourteen years almost to the day as a civil servant in Scotland, I left Her…

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Is Respected George Washington University Director of Government Procurement Law The Fall Guy In The NIGP Consulting RFI Controversy? by Jon Hansen

April 28, 2015


Tom Blaine (Deep Throat) - Click For Bio

“I have been active in NIGP for many years. I have seen it go from an almost ‘mom and pop’ operation to a well-respected international organization. As organizations grow there are growing pains. Pressures are placed upon the organization to provide more and more services. Rick Grim has taken on that challenge and has worked […]


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