Procurement Insights EU Editor Colin Cram on BBC Discussing Budget Cuts
Colin Cram on BBC2

Seeing SciQuest through special glasses? by JonHansen

July 3, 2015


XRAY Vision Glasses

“Three research analysts have rated the stock with a hold recommendation, one has issued a buy recommendation and three have issued a strong buy recommendation on the company. SciQuest’s rating score has improved by 7.8% from three months ago as a result of a number of analysts’ ratings changes.” – July 2nd, 2015, Dakota Financial […]

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At what price supplier liquidity? by Jon Hansen

June 29, 2015


locked dollar

Over the past year I have noticed the voluminous amount of virtual ink being dedicated to the subject of supplier liquidity. Perhaps in part driven by the introduction last summer, of the U.S. Government’s SupplierPay initiative, it is becoming clear that buying organizations have a new found awareness and even empathy, regarding the bottom line of those in their […]

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The beginning of an exodus from the NIGP Code? by Jon Hansen

June 25, 2015



“ is an eprocurement website that runs Riverside/Irvine California and perhaps a few others . . .  They just announced the switch from NIGP to NAICS. Makes sense for smaller epro services like activebidder to strategically shift from NIGP after perfect commerce?” – anonymous source In my most recent post (New NIGP Revelations: A Story […]

New NIGP Revelations: A Story of Burnt Bridges and Promises of A Day of Reckoning by Jon Hansen

June 23, 2015


burnt bridge

“I worked with them several years ago, and one day would like to tell you our saga with NIGP, their consulting arm and Rick Grimm. The worst and most unprofessional group of people . . . As the world turns every dog has its day!”  Out of nowhere I received an e-mail in which the above […]

Self-Determination Over Technology: How The County of Santa Clara Has Laid The Foundation For eProcurement Success by Jon Hansen

June 23, 2015



“I have been following Virginia since 2000 – 15 years ago. To be connected with Virginia and to implement Ariba in SCC, we are going to have a huge imprint in the US. I used Jon Hansen’s articles to do my research to further justify the right eProcurement strategy for the County. And now I […]

Impromptu Twitter exchange with SciQuest CMO Karen Sage regarding lawsuits . . . interesting by Jon Hansen

June 22, 2015


Are lawsuits between vendors and their customers the exception or the rule?

One of the many things I like about social media is its spontaneity. Especially on Twitter. While having 18,000 plus followers certainly helps in terms of being exposed to a wide range of timely topics, it also affords one the opportunity to start an impromptu conversation, in which the exchanges are often times unfiltered or […]

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Managing change is the key to Virginia’s continuing success with eVA by Jon Hansen

June 19, 2015



Change is inevitable. Our ability to not only recognize this immutable truth, but adapt to it, is the key to whether change will be a good thing or not. In my post yesterday, I talked with IACCM’s CEO and founder Tim Cummins about the importance of leadership succession planning. His reference to Warren Buffett’s “progression of the […]


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