CBC Next Gen Dragon Nicole Verkindt talks about OMX and its impact on government contracting
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Bloggers Defence Fund by Jon Hansen

October 15, 2015



Like journalists for traditional mediums such as newspapers, bloggers are also vulnerable in terms of becoming a target of lawsuits as a means of inhibiting their ability to cover important stories. Recently, I became the target of a $3.5 million lawsuit from a large U.S.-based company. Even though my research is sound – with corresponding reference links […]

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The Howard Stern Effect: IACCM attendees either loved us or hated us . . . likely for the same reason

May 23, 2016


Love Hate

This morning Kelly Barner and I received the feedback from those who attended our IACCM webinar last week. The webinar, which was highly interactive, was based on three of the more pressing questions we had raised in our book Procurement At A Crossroads. Here are the results:   From my perspective, these are great responses […]

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Has the Theranos shoe finally dropped, and what it means to procurement

May 19, 2016


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For anyone who has read my recent series on the Theranos scandal and the lack of objective coverage provided by the Silicon Valley media, you know that I firmly believe that our industry is vulnerable to a similar scenario. By the way, you can access the Theranos and Procurement post archive through the following link; https://procureinsights.wordpress.com/theranos-and-procurement/ The […]

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9 Years Ago Today Procurement Insights Was Launched

May 19, 2016


PI Blog 9 Years

It is funny how anniversaries can sneak up on you. Especially when you have been doing something you love for so long. A few moments ago, a message from WordPress just popped up on my screen reminding me that 9 years ago today I launched the Procurement Insights blog. 9 years! . . . where does […]

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Wake Forest hypothetical purchasing scenario: What Would You Do?

May 13, 2016


Hand writing Time to Plan concept with blue marker on transparent wipe board.

The thing I love about Twitter is that when your account is properly set-up – specifically, when you are connected to the right people and the right people are connected to you – some pretty interesting links cross your path. For example, take the above Tweet asking for 5 minutes of my time to do […]

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Seary Interview: A energized mix of Python humor with 60 Minutes Insights

May 11, 2016



I just finished my interview with Procurious’ Tania Seary and all I am going to say is that it was an energized mix of Python humor and 60 Minutes insights. Maybe next time we will reverse roles, with Tania playing host and me as her guest. You just never know. In the meantime, click on the […]

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Do those in the media really compete with solution providers for practioner attention?

May 10, 2016



“The procurement media… now there is an interesting group . . . In some ways, we’re competing with solution providers for practitioner attention . . .” Kelly Barner, Buyers Meeting Point The above is an excerpt of a comment that Kelly Barner made regarding my last post Theranos and procurement continued . . .. As I had indicated […]

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Theranos and procurement continued . . .

May 9, 2016



“whose best interest does the procurement industry press serve . . . the solution providers or the procurement professional? You cannot serve both.” Or here’s another way to look at the dynamics of such relationships: “whose best interests do procurement professionals serve . . . the suppliers who serve our business customers, or our business […]

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