Buyers Meeting Point: A Community of Purpose for Purchasing Professionals

Posted on November 19, 2009


When I recently spoke with Buyers Meeting Point “BPM” founder Cindy Allen-Murphy about the exciting things that are happening around her web services site for purchasing professionals, I could not help but look beyond the innovative tools and expanding resources to see the emergence of a true “community of purpose.”

As you know, I have often lamented (at least to a certain deree) the lagging embracement of social media within our profession as a whole, in which the foray into the emerging realm of conversational intelligence has largely been limited to the transition from a static web site to a static presence within various social networks.  Cindy on the other hand seems to be one of the few who gets it.  By it of course I mean the true collaborative power of social media.

Operating within the framework of what can only be described as a non-partisan platform, “BPM” has quietly and determinedly created a venue that is rapidly becoming a centralized resource for all purchasing professionals regardless of existing affiliations or geographic locale.

The diversity of information and corresponding links to some of the industry’s top people and resources accentuates BPM’s evolution beyond the passive provision of data to one of action oriented intelligence gathering and utilization.  In essence BPM’s faciliation of experience and expertise sharing between professionals represents the cross-pollination process that is essential to maintaining both the veracity of content and validity of purpose.

Buyers Meeting Point . . . A Community of Purpose

Against this backdrop, rather than provide you with a current list of the various highligts from the BPM site, I would suggest that you click on the logo above and check it out for yourself.  It will be time well spent!

I would also recommend you visit the new Buyers Meeting Point Group on LinkedIn by clicking on the LinkedIn logo below.

BPM LinkedIn Group