The (Real) Art of the Deal by Andy Akrouche

Posted on December 23, 2013



Editor’s Note: in his most recent post expert author Andy Akrouche shows you how to move from “making deals” to “building relationships” with your suppliers.

Originally posted on Relational Contracting Intelligence Blog:

With everyone from deal architects to premier transaction firms embracing a “Relationship” mantra when it comes to complex contracting and outsourcing, the true meaning of the word is being lost in a sea of good intentions.  Or to put it another way, just because you say the word relationship, or incorporate it into your negotiation process, does not mean you have a relationship with your trading partners.  This is especially true when you continue to view doing business through a transactional lens.

The fact is that 70% of all long-term outsourcing, futuresourcing and PPP initiatives underperform or fail because they are structured as a deal or a transaction as opposed to a strategic relationship between key stakeholders.  Whatever name you give it, a transaction or a deal is still a deal.

So what is The “REAL” Art of the Deal?  Quite simply it is knowing when something isn’t a deal…

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