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NIGP Consulting RFI: A Case Of Too Close For Comfort? by Jon Hansen

April 25, 2015


As reported in my last post Was The NIGP Competitive RFI For Their Consulting Arm Really Competitive?, I discovered that one of the six respondents to the NIGP’s “competitive” RFI had a serious case of uneasiness (RFP Solutions), while another (IRIS ) has apparently disappeared off the face of the earth. While I continue my search for […]

Was The NIGP Competitive RFI For Their Consulting Arm Really Competitive? by Jon Hansen

April 24, 2015


The task force created a competitive Request for Information process that was distributed to interested providers on August 29, 2012. An open, competitive process was utilized. • The task force received six (6) proposals to the competitive RFI issued by NIGP: 1. BravoSolution submitted by Tom Pellescki 2. Florida Atlantic University’s Public Procurement Research Center […]

NIGP Enterprise Sponsor Program: A clear example of blatant influence peddling at its worst? by Jon Hansen

April 22, 2015


Given everything that has come to light regarding the NIGP’s relationship with Periscope and the resulting #CodeGate scandal, Page 6 of the association’s Enterprise Sponsor Program raises some serious questions. Specifically the statement “This Program allows your company to lock-out competitors in your primary market segment.” (NOTE: not only is Periscope a sponsor, but Periscope’s […]

Should governments boycott Periscope-BidSync until the NIGP conflict is resolved? by Jon Hansen

April 22, 2015


Another major difference between grassroots boycotts and professional campaigns lies in their focus. While grassroots campaigns are usually aimed at convincing consumers to spend their money elsewhere, Steele says that smart campaigns direct their attention towards a brand’s reputation instead of directly at its bottom line. “Although seemingly intangible, the brand value alone of a […]

Silent No More: Spend Matters and Buyers Meeting Point Weigh in on #CodeGate by Jon Hansen

April 20, 2015


On Friday I wrote the post The Silence Of The Blogs (And Industry Analysts). As I had indicated, while there are without a doubt numerous benefits of being the one to cover a story of significant importance – which I believe the NIGP – Periscope story to be, there is a greater good that must be served […]

The Silence Of The Blogs (And Industry Analysts) by Jon Hansen

April 17, 2015


While I am hard pressed to understand the reasons why industry blogger and analyst coverage of the Periscope acquisition of BidSync has been limited to the usual commentary, with no real follow-up beyond the initial announcement, one thing of which I am certain is this . . . being the lone voice has its benefits. Even though I have always […]

Will SAP Buy Tradeshift? by Jon Hansen

April 17, 2015


As you know, and much like the coverage of our industry in general, I usually find press releases announcing either a new client win, or a merger and acquisition, as little more than the perfunctory dissemination of information that reveals little if anything meaningful.  In fact, the vast majority of announcements would be better placed in either […]


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