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Click here to access the ADR/ISM website . . .

Click here to access the ADR/ISM website . . .


Company Overview:

The last time that I interviewed Bill Michels was in March 2012 shortly after his company ADR North America was acquired by the Institute for Supply Management™ (ISM), which is the first supply management institute in the world.

At the time, I saw the ADR acquisition by a for profit arm of ISM as a significant move in that it seemed to be a logical evolution or perhaps merging of complimentary competencies, that very likely represents the new consultancy model that will both define and drive procurement practice for the next 10 to 20 years.

So here we are a year later, and with the 98th Annual ISM conference just around the corner, Bill joins me to talk about the acquisition, the present course and the future of ISM.

Over 20 years as one of the world’s leading procurement consultancies

ADR has been established for over 20 years during which time we have become one of the leading procurement consultancies in the world. We set high standards and are proud of our achievements both for our clients and ourselves.ADR International was one of the first specialist procurement consultancies when it was launched in the UK in 1986 by a team of highly experienced practitioners.

In 1992 our USA office opened to look after our expanding international client base, since then other offices have opened in South Africa, Australia, Prague and London.

The company has evolved to remain at the forefront of purchasing and sourcing best practice and to offer a more comprehensive service to our clients.

From the beginning ADR International has led purchasing thinking. Many procurement practitioners and consultancies today use tools and techniques created by ADR including:

  • Opportunity analysis
  • Source planning
  • Consensus sourcing
  • Procurement price
  • Cost analysis
  • Cost improvement analysis
  • Supplier relationship management
  • Development needs analysis

We continue to seek new ways to promote best practice in purchasing and strategic sourcing to improve our client’s capability and save them money. As a result, ADR continues to grow geographically and in our areas of expertise.
Use the following Success Stories link to learn more about how ADR International can benefit your organisation.

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