Are Nonprofit Procurement Industry Associations Only Profitable For Their CEOs? By Jon Hansen

May 8, 2015


business millionaire over white - dollars coming down

Based on a 2013 study by Charity Navigator, and taking into account the regional differences relating to cost of living, the average (CEO) salary is $148,250 . . .  In the spirit of fairness, I also wanted to see if there was any difference between the above referenced overall average, and the nonprofit category relating to the […]

What’s Good For The (CSCMP CEO) Goose Isn’t Good For The (NIGP CEO) Gander? by Jon Hansen

May 7, 2015



Have you ever taken something one step further than planned, and in doing so opened up the possibility for an entirely new and unanticipated take on the world? So here I find myself, as part of my NIGP investigation into the reported avarice of its CEO Rick Grimm, looking into the financials of nonprofit organizations. By […]

Vendor Management can Drive Growth & Compliance without Stifling Innovation by Jaideep Sen

May 7, 2015


Vendors Relationship

Editor’s Note: When I read this post that was initially submitted to me in February, the first thought that came to mind was the fact that the author was looking beyond technology in terms of managing vendor relations. This is an important point, in that for far too long our industry has put so much stock […]

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The NASPO Factor: Has The NIGP Awakened A Sleeping Giant? by Jon Hansen

May 6, 2015



“I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.” –  Isoroku Yamamoto The following is a hypothetical conversation regarding where NASPO might fit in relative to the NIGP #CodeGate scandal: The National Association of State Procurement Officials (NASPO), Inc. was formally established on January 29, […]

When The CIPS Are Down: UK Nonprofit’s Financial Picture Raises Further NIGP Questions by Jon Hansen

May 5, 2015



In yesterday’s post In A Quest For Context, NIGP and ISM Comparison Raise Very Interesting Questions, I expressed an interest in having a greater understanding of how the NIGP has been able to “buck the ISM money losing trend these past 3 years”? I then indicated that it would also be interesting to see if ISM’s losses are an exception, […]

Still Waters Run Deep: A Profile of cloudBuy’s Nilesh Gopali by Jon Hansen

May 5, 2015


Nilesh July 2014 article

One of the most exciting elements of Procurement Insights’ New Wave Companies Program, is that it does not provide an expansive list of vendors or, attempt to fall back on the familiar features, functions, benefits framework of the past.  Let’s face it, the myriad of lists and quadrants over the years have done little in […]

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In A Quest For Context, NIGP and ISM Comparison Raise Very Interesting Questions by Jon Hansen

May 4, 2015



There is a saying that the numbers don’t lie, so lets go right to the numbers and then analyze what they really mean. In the year ending 2012, here are the numbers for both the NIGP and ISM* per their respective 990 submissions. By the way I referenced these returns, as they were the most recent in […]


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