IBM invite to join their Futurist Community; Honored to be one of the 50!

September 23, 2016



I received an invitation from IBM to join their Futurist “think tank” community. This Community consists of 50 handpicked industry leaders selected based on their field expertise, social presence, and engagement in the Commerce conversation, including supply chain and procurement. They indicated that they reached out to me because they have been following my coverage […]

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Why I Joined The Revolution

September 22, 2016



Stand Up. Speak Out. Drive Change. This is Kelly Barner’s and Philip Ideson’s call to join the revolution . . . the Procurement Revolution. We are not talking about just a snappy tagline here with a great logo. When Barner and Ideson talk revolution they are using real fighting words. They are talking about the need to reshape […]

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$46 million loss on $83.6 million in revenue = $1 billion valuation?

September 13, 2016



I have heard of the new math, but based on the company’s 2015 financial performance, I must admit that I cannot understand Coupa’s $1 billion valuation. Am I missing something? Of course it doesn’t look like I am entirely alone on this one. In his recent Business Insider article, Eugene Kim couldn’t seem to fully explain the […]

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Coupa IPO: Is The Unicorn Dead?

September 9, 2016



Right out of the gate, I want to clarify an important point. I would rather walk down a dark alley at midnight in the worst part of town with $100 bills hanging out of my pocket, than invest in the stock market. In other words, my money is safer in the dark alley than it is […]

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Finding Evidence That Shows Candidates’ Seriousness About Procurement

August 21, 2016



Special thanks to Charles Dominick, SPSM3 of the Next Level Purchasing Association for this guest post. In the my previous post, I talked about ways to structure a job description to help find a rock star of a procurement employee by focusing on the qualifications you need and the qualifications you want.  However, let me caution you […]

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A Questionable Quote

August 18, 2016


quote marks 1

Everywhere I turn lately I am seeing quotes from anyone and everyone, so I thought that I would jump on the bandwagon from a procurement standpoint. Are these wise words I am am sharing based on my many, many, many (well you get the idea) . . . years of personal experience? While I can’t […]

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Is NIGP silence a reflection of collective guilt or guilt by association?

August 17, 2016


Guilt-by-Association 3

“However, I struggle to see a legitimate justification for NIGP’s reluctance to release the audit report. It leads one to suspect, rightly or wrongly, that the contents must be very bad news – perhaps for all those who have received copies.” – Colin Cram, August 16th PI Post Comment When I read the comment from […]