Is The Busch Era Coming To An End . . . Should It Have Started In The First Place? by Jon Hansen

August 14, 2015



You know how they say that a picture is worth a thousand words? Well as it turns out – at least in the case of Jason Busch, a resume also speaks volumes. Before I share with you the results of my research, I am going to pose the following question; if someone has never actually […]

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SciQuest Fights Back: A Case of David and Goliath? by Jon Hansen

August 14, 2015


David and Goliath

Earlier this afternoon I received the following letter from SciQuest’s lawyers regarding my coverage of the company. I will let you read the letter first, and then share with you my response. Here was my reply: Thank you for your letter dated August 13th, 2015. I will be equally succinct; I stand by my research […]

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Weinberger HBR article overthinks the solutions to paid content challenges by Jon Hansen

August 13, 2015



In his July 22nd, 2013 Harvard Business Review article “The Ethics of Using Paid Content in Journalism“, David Weinberger talks about a paper that in my opinion unnecessarily complicates the challenges associated with what is or is not acceptable, in terms of paid content or native advertising. I am not suggesting that his text is in and of […]

Spend Matters Sells Out by Jon Hansen

August 12, 2015


Spend Matters new walking billboard 2A

In my July 29th post Who is footing the bill for your market intelligence?, I raised a question that seemed to have struck a nerve with many professionals – both within and external to the procurement world. Included in the numerous points that I had raised, was the link to a humorous, but nonetheless accurate, commentary by John Oliver, […]

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Missouri says goodbye to the NIGP Code? by Jon Hansen

August 7, 2015



In my June 2nd post Hawaii moves away from the NIGP Code . . . will other states follow?, I shared the news that the State had decided to begin using NAICS instead of the NIGP taxonomy. While some have questioned whether a transition to UNSPSC would have been a better move, the underlying focus of the […]

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The Ohio Effect: Why SciQuest’s condition may be terminal by Jon Hansen

August 7, 2015



Word on the street has it that after three years with little success and much frustration, Ohio is looking for an alternative to the SciQuest “sandwich model” they have been using. At the heart of the problem is the fact that the SciQuest method for catalog creation and maintenance is both complicated and costly. This […]

Assessing former CFO Rudy Howard’s departure: Is SciQuest’s Wiehe looking for true leaders or puppets? by Jon Hansen

August 3, 2015


SciQuest Howard

The following is a Skype discussion I had with a reader, who’s original comment I had followed up on with a question of my own. Here is the subsequent exchange: JWH: Here is a question . . . Why does someone go from being a VP Finance to CFO, back to VP Finance and then back […]

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