Breaking The NIGP Code? by Jon Hansen

June 18, 2015



Back in the middle of April, I wrote a post titled What is the real cost of moving away from the NIGP Code? At the time, there seemed to be a notable reluctance on the part of NIGP Code licensees such as States, to make the switch to another taxonomy. According to feedback, this reluctance was based upon […]

What does “Covering The Procurement World” really mean? by Jon Hansen

June 14, 2015



In the 6th chapter of our upcoming book, Kelly Barner and I assess the effectiveness of the media in covering the procurement world. Titled “The Media and Procurement: Are We Really Covered?,” we open the chapter with the following; “I am hard pressed to understand the reasons why industry blogger and analyst coverage of the Periscope acquisition of BidSync […]

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The Beginning of the end for SciQuest? by Jon Hansen

June 11, 2015


SciQuest Closing

Subject: Dartmouth College’s Exit From The SciQuest Marketplace Importance: High Hello, This communication is going out to all SciQuest catalog suppliers/providers for Dartmouth College: Please be advised that as of May 31, 2015, Dartmouth College will no longer be purchasing from your catalogs via the SciQuest Marketplace.  Instead, our shoppers will access your direct internet catalogs to […]

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Will NIGP CEO Rick Grimm Be Stepping Down? by Jon Hansen

June 9, 2015



“An alternative would be that Grimm is terrified of what he might be facing at the conference, and as a result is hoping that this news re Buffum’s testimonial and the CIPS honor will have an impact with the membership . . .” The above is an excerpt of a statement I made during an […]

In honoring NIGP CEO, has CIPS undermined procurement’s creditability? by Jon Hansen

June 8, 2015



A colleague asked me what I had thought of Rick Grimm being awarded a Fellowship by the UK-based Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply, which is the organization’s highest grade of membership. As I wasn’t previously aware of it, my first reaction was “hmmmm, that’s interesting . . .maybe he is getting the boot and […]

Playing Peek-A-Boo With Departing NIGP President Donald Buffum by Jon Hansen

June 6, 2015



“Finally, and I speak for the entire board when I say this, we are wonderfully blessed to have a great CEO in Rick Grimm and a fantastic support team in Herndon. They continue to support all of us on a daily basis and we, in turn, support and believe in Rick and the rest of […]

Now Coupa has a new CFO – is there something going around? by Jon Hansen

June 3, 2015


Coupa Todd-Ford

I received a Skype message from someone this morning saying that it must be the “season for new CFOs,” as Coupa announced that they had also made a change in the company’s top finance position. Here is the link to the Coupa press release. The season for new CFO reference, was in relation to my post yesterday regarding […]


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