Did the NIGP sign form agreeing to comply with Florida open records law?

April 8, 2016



Despite assertions in the April 5th, 2016 letter I received from the NIGP’s legal counsel indicating that the Florida Open Records law does not apply to the non-profit organization, my research may suggest otherwise. With regard to the NIGP’s annual compliance certification, it appears that before certain Florida agencies would submit their membership dues, the CEO (or […]

NIGP Counsel: Non-profit organization will not release the findings from the forensic audit . . .

April 6, 2016



I received the following letter from the NIGP’s DC-based counsel, informing me that they will not be releasing copies of either the forensic audit or related studies/recommendations concerning the non-profit’s practices. While I will direct you to read the letter from Venable LLP for the full details, the basis for refusing my request is as […]

Why won’t the NIGP provide a copy of forensic audit?

April 4, 2016



In my March 24th post titled What was the end result of the NIGP #CodeGate Story? Internal Audit may provide the answers, I had reported that I had made a request to obtain copies of the NIGP’s Strategic Partnerships/Forensic Audit, and the corresponding recommendations by Florida-based public relations firm Pierson Grant. My hope at the time was […]

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McDonald’s, SciQuest and Lady Justice: Why The Canadian Judicial System Fails Its Citizens

March 28, 2016


scales of justice

“The first casualty when war comes is truth.” – US Senator Hiram Warren Johnson, 1918 We are all familiar with the above quote in its various forms. The irony is that even the truth as to who actually coined the phrase, is the subject of debate. While many sources attribute it to Senator Walker, others credit either Arthur […]

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What was the end result of the NIGP #CodeGate Story? Internal Audit may provide the answers

March 24, 2016


CodeGate Holmes

Have you ever stared at one of those posters in an effort to see the hidden picture? The key to being able to see the image is to relax your eyes. The reason is fairly straight forward, the more you try to see something, the more you strain your eyes searching for an outline of the […]

Lawsuit Update: A Campaign For Truth

March 21, 2016


Seek Truth

A large, publicly traded company in the United States claiming libel, has sued me for $3.5 million US dollars in alleged damages. While I am confident that I will probably win the libel case, their action was filed in Ontario. Due to the vagaries of the differences in law in different jurisdictions, having the matter […]

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Why An EOI? Hydro Provides A Simple Answer

March 21, 2016



In my last post What’s An EOI? More Insights From Hydro on the $85M Controversy, I shared with you the answers I received from Hydro regarding the EOI process they used to enter into an $85M agreement with Tetra Tech. Based on my research relating to the use of EOI’s or Expression of Interest, I also provided additional […]

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