Theranos Update: “Celebrity” Boards And Their Negative Impact On American Business

June 16, 2016



When I read the following excerpt of Michael Fertik’s post Elizabeth Holmes and the Burden of (Social) Proof, the name Conrad Black immediately came to mind: “Holmes did what many entrepreneurs do, often with positive effect: brought together smart, known people to build the board and leadership team. She surrounded herself with an original board configuration […]

I Have Waited Nearly 10 Years For This To Happen . . . The Santa Clara Story

June 15, 2016


Santa Clara2

The County of Santa Clara has successfully implemented their eProcurement initiative by transcending the functional silos that have traditionally limited procurement’s effectiveness and influence in the past. In short, and for the first time since I began covering Virginia’s eVA initiative back in 2007, I can say with great confidence that there is now another […]

Wall Street Journal: SciQuest Agrees to Be Taken Private by Accel-KKR

June 8, 2016


Wall Street Journal SciQuest Sale

“There are no discussions with Oracle, there are no discussions with IBM, there are no discussions with . . . anyone wanna pick a name . . . there are no discussions, there’s nobody.” – Stephen Wiehe, SciQuest CEO July 2015 (SciQuest Q2 Scoop Session Audio Excerpt) As you read the above words, and listen […]

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Why is SciQuest afraid to go to court?

May 31, 2016


SciQuest Afraid

If I had accused someone of saying something about me that wasn’t true, and I went through the process of suing them for libel, I would want to have my day in court. I would want to present my evidence to clearly show that what the person had said was wrong. In short, I would want […]

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The Howard Stern Effect: IACCM attendees either loved us or hated us . . . likely for the same reason

May 23, 2016


Love Hate

This morning Kelly Barner and I received the feedback from those who attended our IACCM webinar last week. The webinar, which was highly interactive, was based on three of the more pressing questions we had raised in our book Procurement At A Crossroads. Here are the results:   From my perspective, these are great responses […]

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Has the Theranos shoe finally dropped, and what it means to procurement

May 19, 2016


Theranos Banner Box

For anyone who has read my recent series on the Theranos scandal and the lack of objective coverage provided by the Silicon Valley media, you know that I firmly believe that our industry is vulnerable to a similar scenario. By the way, you can access the Theranos and Procurement post archive through the following link; The […]

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9 Years Ago Today Procurement Insights Was Launched

May 19, 2016


PI Blog 9 Years

It is funny how anniversaries can sneak up on you. Especially when you have been doing something you love for so long. A few moments ago, a message from WordPress just popped up on my screen reminding me that 9 years ago today I launched the Procurement Insights blog. 9 years! . . . where does […]

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